The small culmination of all that we learned from coding boot camp. Currently deployed here. Feel free to contact me if the link is unavailable. The Github repo.

A pair of Mametchi about to play a game of match. Art Cr.: Tamagotchi & mxpux

Goal of the game: Collect all available Tamas and keep your pets alive by feeding, playing, and letting them out.

Behind the…

When learning programming, I wouldn’t be surprised that many students have questioned how succinct or how meticulously detailed each line of code they should write. How many for and while loops and conditionals can — and should — they utilize to solve a problem or algorithm. …

Here I am, strolling along the week of project two, minding my own business. Assigned to a group of likeable people, thinking of ideas of what to we want to build for our application. …

Johnny Nguyen

A Summer `21 graduate from UC Berkeley's coding boot camp

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